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15,000 House fires a year started by clogged dryer vents!

Cleaning your dryer vent/duct is not an option it is mandatory!

Are you experiencing a reduced heat factor while drying your family?s clothes?

Do you find that your energy bills are increasingly higher than normal?

Are your clothes drying slowly and not as fast as they should?

Customers frequently ask us why their dryer vents need to be cleaned:

The number 1 reason first and foremost is the fire hazard clogged Dryer vents create.
In fact clogged dryer vents are one of the primary causes in residential house fires nationwide! Riverside Ca Dryer Vent Cleaning ? Dryer Vent Cleaning Riverside Ca

Recent studies have determined that clogged dryer vents have resulted in several million dollars in property damage as well as loss of human life resulting from fires caused by clogged dryer vents!

Many people just don?t realize how combustible lint is and how quickly a fire can result from excessive build up of lint.

It is recommended that your dryer vents be thoroughly cleaned annually to prevent this hazard.

Results of Dryer Vent Cleaning

A freshly cleaned dryer exhaust duct not only reduces the chance of fire but also effectively allows a smooth discharge of heat, moisture and lint without resistance.

You?ll notice increased efficiency with the use of your dryer and a noticeable reduction in your energy bill.

And most of all to protect your family from a serious fire hazard.

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